I teach, coach & consult in digital marketing to Caribbean service-based businesses via my live workshops, membership site and one-on-ones, with a guarantee of results or your money back.


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If you’ve either started a business or are thinking about it, but there’s confusion about the road ahead, a simple, but informed conversation might be just what you need to set things straight.

In fact, it may even be the single best use of your time BEFORE you embark upon any other activity that may require a greater investment of your already limited resources.

If the above sounds anything like you, then you’re not unlike the many others I’ve spoken to in the past, so it’s perfectly normal.

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Before I get into what coaching is, I think it makes sense to distinguish between it and consulting, seeing that they’re often confused. A business coach is someone who advises you on what they believe to be the best next step.

For example, they may give advice on the ideal marketing strategy for your business, or where best to advertise based on your market and what you can afford, or maybe even your best next hire, going forward. When not giving advice on what’s next, your coach may otherwise help by pointing you to resources that assist in accomplishing more immediate goals with greater efficiency.

The true distinction between the coach described above and the consultant, is in the doing. While a coach tells you what to do, a consultant either does the work, coordinates the work or some combination of either. For my part, I only do consultancy in exceptional cases because my own projects already take up too much time. So coaching it is!

If you feel like coaching might be the better fit for you at this point, click the I Need Coaching button below, and you’ll be taken to my appointment calendar. When you get there, select “Coaching Inquiry” as your option.

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Business Building Courses

The bread and butter of what we do at Jason Arthur Consulting is teach. We focus on sharing and empowering you with results-oriented business courses that increase your bottom line or your money back!

And we absolutely do not shy away from the responsibility to make you money. After all, there are only two reasons you would engage another entity on behalf of your business; and that’s to increase your profits or decrease your expenses.

Our courses are geared at doing either or both. At JAC, we focus on Marketing and Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs. You can go to the link in the navigation bar called, SERVICES, to learn more.

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Business Building Courses