Why “More Sales” is Not Always The Answer, So Do This Instead


Why "More Sales" is Not Always The Answer, So Do This Instead

Quick Summary

Business, like sports, is a game of offence and defence. However, whenever there's a problem, we're almost always pointed in the direction of making more sales, offence, while little is mentioned of the internal issues, defence. All of these internal issues start with having a thorough understanding of our business' numbers, or its vital signs. In this talk, Jason shows how you can use your understanding of your business' numbers to steer it to safety when in danger, and even better yet, take it down a path of success.

Presentation Outline

Using a number of tools he developed over the years to help small businesses "see the numbers", Jason will walk you through example after example of how the "seeing" changes everything for the small business owner. By the end of the talk, the audience will be encouraged to take JAC's "Finally Master The Science Of Reading Your Financial Statements And Glean From The Numbers What Your Accountant Never Tells You". In it, students unravel what all those numbers mean in their financial statements, and as a result, are finally able to speak to both their bankers and accountants without feeling insecure.

Target Audience

Small business owners who believe that running their business by the numbers is the best way to ensure their success, yet in spite of their willingness to put in the effort needed to get up to speed, they've struggled to find an entrepreneur-friendly way to learn how to do so.


This talk is delivered as a slide presentation. It is 45–60 minutes long, depending on your needs. The ideal length is 60 minutes.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will become convinced they can learn how to manage their business by the numbers
  • Audience members will know that true growth goes hand in hand with knowing their numbers


“If you want to attend a session with a difference, one with impact, one that engages you, your heart, your mind, your soul, that would leave you with some inspiration to better even yourself, to challenge some of your own assumptions about things, definitely a session with Jason is one that you should attend. In fact I implore you, attend it. ”

— Dedan Daniel
Business consultant for over 20 years

“There’s an episode of the sitcom, Friends, where Phoebe is “the lady who sings the truth.” She becomes a Pied Piper of sorts for the children, but the adults are mostly horrified and attempt to stop her. For the most part, that’s the relationship we’ve developed with the truth. It’s there, but it’s difficult to accept it, so we don’t always like to hear it. We’re hesitant to speak it and we believe that others feel the same way. Mr. Arthur has no such compunction and because his truth-speaking is coupled with clarity of thought, he was frequently able to pierce through the quagmire with which I encased myself. An absolute superpower!”

— Lorraine Villaroel
Customer service trainer and consultant