Facebook: The Tool & the Toy

Facebook, The tool & The Toy:

How To Use The 800 Pound Gorilla Of Social Media To Propel Your Business To Front Of The Pack

Quick Summary

There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach marketing to the 2 billion users in Facebook’s database. For them to notice you, you need to get their attention. For them to buy from you, you need their trust. How you do each of them is covered in this talk, along with how to combine them for maximum effectiveness.

Presentation Outline

Using an array of local examples from his exploits and those of his clients, as well as applicable case studies, Jason will prove that the system can be used by any small business owner to propel his or her business forward. By the end, I encourage people to take JAC’s "How To Create Your Own Small Business Mini Marketing Campaigns Even If You’ve Failed At Marketing In The Past". It takes them step by step through the marketing process in a layman's approach that comes alive with example after example after example.

Target Audience

Small business owners who have used Facebook to promote their businesses with limited success, who still believe Facebook can help. For them, the incessant posting and reposting, a process that involves a constant “toing” and “froing” aimed at “engaging with their audiences”, is tiresome and unrewarding. In the end, it only seems to suck away the time that should otherwise be invested in their businesses.


This talk is delivered as a slide presentation. It is 45–60 minutes long, depending on your needs. The ideal length is 60 minutes.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will become convinced that they can make Facebook work for them.
  • Audience members will talk away with some basic concepts in marketing that will forever change their approach to attracting clients.
  • Audience members will have a few Facebook marketing ideas they can immediately apply in their business to the point where and some may even find it unnecessary to need anything else.


“I would definitely recommend Jason Arthur. He would not lead you astray. Definitely would not lead you astray. If you’re serious about marketing and you want to use marketing so that you see real results in your business, there’s no one else I’d recommend, quite honestly.”

— Onika Henry
Sexologist/Sex Educator/TED Talk Presenter

“As a professional, I’ve been to a million and one presentations, so you going into these things with a certain level of skepticism. But that skepticism was quickly allayed when I was exposed to the quality of Jason’s presentation.”

— Dedan Daniel
Business consultant for over 20 years