In THREE HOURS Learn How To Price Your Services For Profit And Do So Without Brain Busting Calculations Or Your Money Back

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Dec 10th, 2022 01:00 PM


Presented by: Jason Arthur

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Dec 10th, 2022 12:00 AM

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So let’s admit something.

You hate pricing don’t you? You hate thinking about it. You hate having to do it. And you definitely hate how unsure and “un-confident” it makes you feel.

And you REALLY hate the fact that though you know your stuff, your Achilles heel suddenly gets exposed as soon as the topic of what to charge comes up.

And it happens… EVERYTIME.

For example, it happens when questioned on the spot about a service you don’t usually provide but have agreed to, only to be then asked for a quick quote.

It happens when asked for a meaty proposal for a project you can easily put together in your sleep, but for the pricing section which immediately shakes you out of your slumber.

The point is, it just happens too often, and the result is always the same feeling of just not being sure of how it should be done.

Will It Ever Be Different?

For many service-based entrepreneurs, who’ve been doing this dance for years, it has never dawned on them that there could exist a process behind their pricing.

It has literally never occurred to them there could be a science behind how they do their pricing that could permanently eliminate all the guess work… and, all the pain.

The truth is that this was the case even for me for many years, as I was constantly torn between pricing to attract clients versus pricing to earn a living.

Neither of which even considered pricing for what I was worth.

And I was there because pricing intangible services has ALWAYS been more notoriously difficult than pricing physical products.

Why Service-Based Businesses Struggle With Pricing

After all, the person selling a physical product typically has a starting point… the amount paid for the thing they’re about to resell.

For people like us, though, we have no such starting point… or so we believe.

And even if we did, there's still the matter of deciding on the final price of our service, a challenging prospect for which there still needs to be a rhyme or reason behind how we go about deciding what our service is worth.

For people selling products, however, even with the advantage of a starting point, they often “cheat” by basing their final selling price on the fact that the other guy is literally selling the same thing for X.

And so their price will either be somewhere north of X or somewhere south of it.

For us service-based providers, it’s just not always that simple, as it's often difficult to find exact apples to apples comparisons.

And so we get stuck. And we flail around for years, having never quite pinned down a pricing method… UNTIL NOW.

Yes, Things Can Be Different

What if you could approach your pricing much more scientifically, but without having to do the complex calculations necessary to get it right?

And what if you could be taught exactly how to do it, step by step, for all your services, in less than four hours?

And what if the method employed was something you could rinse and repeat forever, permanently eliminating all pricing problems now and into the future?

You can…and you will.

Let Me Show You How


At its core, it’s pretty simple really. You input some basic numbers that any business owner will have, and the software does the rest.

Of course, the trick is understanding the methodology behind how everything works, which is why the need for those four hours mentioned above.

It is in the details of the methodology, where all of the confidence you now lack, gets built… and this is truly the key to it all.

So WHOM Would I Say This Course Is For?

This course is for you...

  • If pricing has always eluded you
  • If pricing makes you nervous
  • If you know you’re overpricing your services
  • If you know you’re underpricing your services
  • If you think you’re not getting what you deserve
  • If you’d like to have a go-to method, instead of having to start over from scratch, with every new service you come out with

If one, some or any of the above apply, then this course is for you.

What you'll LEARN from this course by the time we're done with the workshop...

  1. We re-orient your mind as to what price is by first talking about what price isn’t.
  2. You FINALLY learn what price is and how that understanding allows you to shape your approach to pricing.

  3. You’ll learn what value is and the two components that make up value, both of which are very important when it comes to pricing.

  4. You’ll learn the number 1 reason you should NEVER price by time because if you’re already doing it, you’re already losing money.

  5. You’ll learn why NOT pricing by time can cost you… a lot. And no, this is not a contradiction of 4, but as you can tell, it’s complicated.

  6. You learn how to come up with a pre-determined price for all your services, which will save you future pricing headaches… permanently.

  7. You’ll come up with an absolute minimum hourly rate you can charge for doing any kind of work, especially those strange requests we get ever so often as professionals, and be confident in doing so EVERYTIME.

  8. Together, you and me, we’ll find something I like to call YOUR NUMBER and from then on, you’ll use it to guide you, going forward, as you progressively increase your income.

  9. You’ll walk away knowing what are the things people value, but more importantly, you’ll learn the hierarchy of value, so you know what you can charge more for, an important component of increasing your income. And you’ll learn this for both the individual consumer as well as the business owner.

  10. You’ll be taught the Livingston Value Equation and how it helps you communicate your value to others so people do not question your pricing and pay you what you’re worth.

  11. You’ll learn the four circumstances under which you should raise your prices, cause if you don’t, like number 4, you may already be losing money.

  12. You’ll be shown the Five Levels of Pricing for the Service-based Professional and how you ascend them, an important concept to understand as you attempt to travel up the ladder of pricing in your field.

  13. And you’ll be given two programmatically linked calculators that allow you to take the simple concepts I teach and convert them into numbers you can use, so your pricing is as pain free as possible.

You’ll learn everything above and more, and I’ll answer any question you could dream to come up with during our time together.

What you'll HAVE and be able to DO after the workshop is finished...

  1. You'll have a new set of prices to immediately go use in your business.
  2. You'll leave with the skill to always be able to create pricing for your services that’s both within the tolerance of the marketplace AND profitable for you.
  3. You'll also be able to come up with new services to sell to your current customers that give them more value while providing you with better profit margins.

What you’ll need to BRING to the workshop?

  1. A laptop with the ability to access the Internet.
  2. A listing of what it costs you for the products and services you purchase.
  3. A list of the prices you presently charge for your products and services.

Workshop Duration: 3 Hours

Workshop Price: TTD 1500


Jason Arthur

Jason Arthur first caught people's attention in the marketing sphere, for the lead role he had in the digital promotions that propelled a little spoken word event called, The Lyrical Lounge, to become the most popular event in its genre at the time.

After a couple of other projects, he soon started consulting with small businesses, both in Tobago and in Trinidad, and again got some notice while doing a series of online launches for some small local businesses, using his Tobago FB Rollout method, which guarantees that by the end of a launch, the business will be featured in the media.

He retreated to his lab once more to work on some private projects, which included the development of no less than 40 web applications specifically designed to help small businesses in their day to day operations, and the creation of a series of small business courses in the financial literacy and marketing fields.

Currently, aside from his private projects, he does coaching, consulting, and teaching in the area of small business, and offers these selfsame services both online and offline.