How Small Businesses Can Find a Gap in the Market And Exploit It


How Small Businesses Can Find a Gap in the Market And Exploit It

Quick Summary

The typical small business owner who finds his marketing unable to get traction in the marketplace, is usually being plagued by an all too familiar disease; "metooitis". The symptoms of this illness manifests as an inability to distinguish his business, and what he offers, from those with similar products or services. In this talk, we explore how you can cut through the noise of the marketplace, find a place to call your own, and finally get the attention of those who should be your customers.

Presentation Outline

In this talk, Jason does an exploration of a methodology for finding gaps in markets, which is punctuated by local examples of businesses using all or aspects of the process to their advantage. By the end, the audience is able to see how any small business can do the same for its own ends. As an immediate follow-up to this talk, attendees are encouraged to take JAC’s "Create Your Own Mini Marketing Campaigns Even If You’ve Failed In The Past"; a step by step walkthrough of the marketing process done in layman's terms, that come alive with local examples after local example after local example.

Target Audience

Small business owners who have either tried marketing in the past with little success, or haven't yet attempted it because of not knowing how to. Both segments are unsure of their marketing abilities and need a combination of step by step methodology and the power of the local example, to give them just the kick in the pants needed to start the journey of taking charge of their business' marketing needs.


This talk is delivered as a slide presentation. It is 60–75 minutes long, depending on your needs. The ideal length is 60 minutes.

Intended Outcomes

  • Audience members will become convinced there's hope for the marketing of their company
  • Audience members will know there's a way to distinguish their businesses from others in the marketplace such that potential customers take notice
  • Audience members will walk away with a few marketing ideas they can immediately implement in their businesses


“I teach at a local university and I’ve brought Jason in to do guest lectures for me on a few occasions on the topic of marketing. The ironic thing for me was, he would start off his lectures by saying 'I'm not here pitching for work' but at the end of the class the most typical response is, 'I wanna hire that guy'. And it's because he's very confident in his delivery. And he's convincing, but more than that is he's clear.”

— Dr. Keron Niles
University of the West Indies lecturer

“As VP Eternal of Junior Chamber International (JCI), we had Jason Arthur speak for our E-Series period of activities, where our speakers were to address topics in the entrepreneurial space... After the presentations were done on that day, we did forms for feedback from the audience to see who was the most impactful presenter, who you enjoyed the most and it was a unanimous vote basically. At the end of the day, he got the vote for best presenter.”

— Heidi Eastman
VP-Internal, Junior Chamber International (JCI)