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“Onika talks about the reaction to her launch.”

Akilah Riley
Behaviour-Change Consultant

“Onika talks about the reaction to her launch.”

Onika Henry
Sexologist/Sex Educator
Dedan Daniel

As a professional, I’ve been to a million and one presentations...

Business Consultant
Added on 5 January 2021

As a professional, I’ve been to a million and one presentations, so you going into these things with a certain level of skepticism. But that skepticism was quickly allayed when I was exposed to the quality of Jason’s presentation. In fact, it was so inspiring that I went home the same night and said ok, how could I use that technique to do other things and I started to develop tools from scratch, based on his tools that I saw he had developed.

And I’ve been doing that for years now, nearly four years, and that (his presentation) was the inspiration. Because I had that raw knowledge but I’d probably just needed that inspiration to see how I could develop tools to help people solve problems.

If you want to attend a session with a difference, one with impact, one that engages you, your heart, your mind, your soul, that would leave you with some inspiration to better even yourself, to challenge some of your own assumptions about things, definitely a session with Jason is one that you should attend. In fact I implore you, attend it.